206 N Main Street Galax, Va 24333
(276) 236-7134
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Early Head Start
In contrast to Head Start being Rooftop’s oldest running program, Early Head Start is Rooftop of Virginia’s newest early education program. Early Head Start serves children ages 6 weeks to 3 years, as well as pregnant mothers. The Early Head Start centers have the ability to cater to young infants as well as older toddlers while still maintaining the standard of excellency that our Head Start program is known for. In addition to the traditional classroom setting, there is also an Early Head Start Home Based option. Early Head Start’s mission is to promote healthy outcomes for pregnant women, to enhance the development of very young children, and to promote healthy family functioning.
For more information contact the offices of Early Head Start by phone at 276-236-7131.
HS/EHS Annual Report available to the public upon request.

Galax Early Head Start
8342 Carrollton Pike
Galax, VA  24333
(276) 237-1567

Hillsville Early Head Start Center
205 Oak Street
Hillsville, VA  24343
(276) 728-0284

Independence Early Head Start Center
911 East Main Street
Independence, VA   24348

Head start

Head Start is one of Rooftop of Virginia CAP’s oldest running programs. This department provides an early childhood education program to 221 three and four year olds from income eligible families residing in Grayson and Carroll counties and the city of Galax. The overall goal of the program is to assist the child in dealing with the present and future responsibilities in school and life. The program provides 4 component areas that include education, health, social services, and parental involvement. Children may participate in the home base option or attend one of the seven classrooms located in Fries, Galax, and Hillsville.

Rooftop’s Head Start program is award winning and has been found in full compliance with all state program requirements. The success of the department is credited to the staff that give their all and their hearts to care for the children that come to them.

Management Staff Contact Information: (276) 236-7131

Debbie Liddle, Head Start Office Manager
Phone:  276-236-7131, ext. 237
FAX:   276-601-2468

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Head StartGalax Head Start Classrooms & Home Base Groups
105 Rosenwald Felts Drive
Galax, VA 24333

Galax Early Head Start Classrooms
103 Hospital Drive
Galax, VA 24333

Head Start & Early Head Start Classrooms & Home Base Groups


Galax Head Start Center
125 Rosenwald Felts Drive
Galax, VA  24333

Hillsville Head Start Center
205 Oak Street
Hillsville, VA  24343
(276) 728-4284

Cana Head Start Center
231 Flower Gap Road
Cana, VA  24317
(276) 755-3512
(276) 233-3631

Independence Head Start Center
911 East Main Street
Independence, VA  24348