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206 N Main Street Galax, Va 24333
(276) 236-7134
Head Start and Early Head Start
Early Learning
Early Headstart

Children grow and change so much in the first years!  Your child is learning from the moment they are born, and it’s important to make sure they reach developmental milestones when they are ready.  Our staff is specially trained to provide responsive, encouraging care and to offer the structure and routine that makes very young children feel secure.

Head Start programs provide daily routines to nurture your child’s curiosity and build relationships with caregivers in a safe, fun environment.  We also use activities like storytelling, playing with toys, music and movement, and art, to learn through play.

Building a Strong Foundation for Pregnant Moms and Children ages Birth to 5 – Early Head Start/Head Start programs provide children and families that are income eligible the opportunity to develop skills for parenting and school readiness.  Head Start provides FREE resources for the whole family in order for you to meet your family goals as well as prepare your child for the school setting.

HS/EHS Annual Report available to the public upon request.

Head Start and Early Head Start provides an early childhood education program to 261 participants residing in Grayson and Carroll counties and the city of Galax. Components of the program relate to prenatal care, Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS), family and health services. 

Rooftop’s Head Start program is award winning and has been found in full compliance with all state program requirements. The success of the department is credited to the staff that give their all and their hearts to care for the children that come to them.

 Contact Information:
Jessica Edwards, Director
(276) 236-7131, extension 243


Head Start & Early Head Start Classrooms & Home Base Groups

Galax Head Start Center
125 Rosenwald Felts Drive
Galax, VA  24333 
(276) 238-8633

Galax Early Head Start Center
8342 Carrollton Pike
Galax, VA  24333
(276) 237-1567

Hillsville Head and Early Head Start Center
205 Oak Street
Hillsville, VA  24343
(276) 728-4284

Cana Head Start Center
231 Flower Gap Road
Cana, VA  24317
(276) 755-3512
(276) 233-3631

Independence Head Start and Early Head Start Center
911 East Main Street
Independence, VA  24348