206 N Main Street Galax, Va 24333
(276) 236-7134
Kitchen manager

Full time, 12 Months, open until filled. 


Non-Bilingual Floater

Full time, 12 Months, open until filled. 


Bilingual Floater

Full time, 40 hours per week, open until filled. 


teacher assistant

(CDA or has Early Childhood associates and a CDL licenses or can have CDL permit at time of interview and has 6 months to get it) Full time, 10 months, open until filled. 


Early Head Start Caregiver

(Must have CDA)
40 hrs/wk,  6 months
Deadline: until Filled


Home Visitor Assistant/Bus Driver

(Must have CDL)
29 hrs/wk, 12 months  Starting Deadline until Filled

Substitute Teachers

As needed

Equal Opportunity Employer

Please contact Geraldine Baker at (276) 236-7131, ext. 234 for more information.

If you are already an Employee for Rooftop and are interested in one of this positions just send an email to Geraldine Baker saying you want to apply and give her permission to use your exiting application.

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