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Kindergarten is a time of change in a young child’s life. Going to school marks a huge leap into growing up. It can be a time of fun and learning but also a time of fear and uncertainty. Rooftop wants to ensure that children are prepared for the changes that Kindergarten brings. We want to make sure that each child is ready and excited.

Our Head Start to Kindergarten program works on social skills such as communication and listening. Our teachers work with students to learn things like following directions and how to speak to others. We also focus on fine and gross motor skills such as learning to dress and how to hold a pencil. This program operates during the month of June. Head Start to Kindergarten not only helps to prepare children for an easy transition into a new adventure in their lives, but it also provides fun experiences such as field trips and other activities.

Those interested in learning more about this program should contact the Head Start Director, Jessica Edwards, at (276) 236-7131, ext. 243 or